Workshops and Presentations

Dr Paul Browning has presented at conferences around the globe and facilitated numerous workshops, in both the education and corporate sectors.

There are three options:

A one hour presentation
The importance of trust is highlighted, what its impact on leadership and an organisational outcomes is, and how leaders can get it.

A three hour workshop
Through a facilitated combination of group discussions, pair discussions and personal reflection time participants will have the opportunity to pause and reflect on their own leadership practices, identifying strengths and areas that they think they may need to develop. As an outcome, participants may decide to administer the Rubric in their own organisation to help them understand their staffs’ perception of their leadership.

A five hour workshop
In preparation for this workshop leaders are be asked to administer the Rubric in their organisation. On the day they work through a series of activities, discussions and self-reflection activities to help them understand the key practices that engender trust and enable transformational leadership to flourish. Towards the end of the workshop they will receive the feedback from their staff. This feedback, coupled with their own reflection, will lead to the development of a professional learning plan to support further growth.

On a scale of 1 to 10 participants rated their engagement with the material and the workshop at 91% (average of all participants). The presenter’s facilitation skills were rated at 93%.

“The day was paced well and was highly engaging.”  “I did this workshop with you a number of years ago and today confirmed the incredible impact you have had on my leadership journey.”  “I was pleasantly surprised with the results of the survey, I was very hard on myself.”  “Thank you, I am looking forward to sharing your book with my middle managers.”  “Great pace and variety and mix of activities.”  “I feel more empowered to build a culture where each bring their own talents and shares them with others.”  “Good personal reflections that enable me to make a creative plan for a way to achieve professional goals to build trust.”  “I really valued the opportunity to be honest with my ‘new friend’ and talk through both our strengths and challenges in leadership.”  “Today provided a much needed and valuable time to reflect on my leadership practices.”  “I have learned more about myself as a person and as a leader.”  “For the first time my leadership has been assessed by others with specific feedback based on actual peer judgements. I found this invaluable.”  “It is always great to hear great presenters, and even better when they challenge me and my practice. I now have something to go away and work on.”