“Before a leader can implement his/her vision and achieve strategic change they must first establish trust.”

(Sergiovanni, 2005).

The key to compelling leadership is trust

If you are a leader tasked with implementing major change, your success will depend on the degree to which your colleagues and employees trust you. After all, would you follow someone into unknown territory if you didn’t trust them?


Trust can be grown

It is possible to engender trust in those you lead. Dr Paul Browning has identified 10 key leadership practices that engender and grow trust.

Find more about Dr Browning here.


Trust can be measured

Dr Browning has developed the Trust and Transformational Leadership Assessment Rubric., which is administered by Compelling Leadership. The Rubric will help you to determine:

  • How trusted you are by your colleagues and/or employees?
  • Which of the 10 key trust practices are you exhibiting, and how successfully?
  • Which key trust practices need strengthening?


Benchmark your leadership

The Rubric has already been used by leaders from across the globe to give them feedback on their current leadership practice. Their results have enabled us to create a database so that your results can be benchmarked against those of other leaders of similar sized organisations. No names, of course! No one knows better than we do that respect for the privacy of others and strict confidentiality are very important when developing relationships of trust.


Your trust can bring hope

By using the Rubric you will not only gain vital information about your leadership and how to strengthen it, you will be helping us grow our Trust and Transformational Leadership database. That means you are helping others to become better leaders, too. Giving while receiving is a great way to make the world a happier place. It is such an important principle that we have built the Rubric project on it. We charge a small fee for use of the Rubric. All money raised (excluding government taxes) goes directly to the Lorevilko Community, Vanuatu, to create a sustainable Community and Education Precinct that can be a model for others to adopt and develop further. It is a project that is bringing hope to children in one of the poorest communities in the world. You can read more about the Precinct project here.


Let’s work together

We invite you to administer the Rubric to help strengthen your leadership. We welcome your comment and queries. You can contact us on our contact page.


Get Feedback on Your Leadership

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Number Staff Cost ($AU)
1-10 $50
11-25 $75
26-50 $100
51-100 $125
101-150 $150
151+  $200


Number Staff Cost ($AU)
1-10 $100
11-25 $150
26-50 $200
51-100 $250
101-150 $300
151+ $500